Canny edge detector (Canny filter) for image processing and computer vision

N. Petkov and M.B. Wieling, University of Groningen,
Department of Computing Science, Intelligent Systems

Other on-line image processing and computer vision applications are available at You can download the source of this web application here.

For a quick start, press the button "Update view!".

On this site you can use the Canny filter for edge detection. You can add to the Canny edge detector a surround suppression step that enhances object contours by inhibiting texture edges. You can also visualize the gradient and the derivatives of a Gaussian function that are used to compute the gradient.
Select an input image or upload your own input image. Specify the parameter values of the filter and submit the job for execution by pressing "Update view!". After the program completes the input image and the resulting output image will be displayed in the page. You can save the results on your system.

Click here for explanations, references and examples.

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