Gabor filter for image processing and computer vision

N. Petkov and M.B. Wieling, University of Groningen,
Department of Computing Science, Intelligent Systems

Other on-line image processing and computer vision applications are available at You can download the source of this web application here.

On this site you can: visualize Gabor functions, use a Gabor filter for edge detection and extraction of texture features, simulate simple and complex cells (visual cortex), simulate non-classical receptive field inhibition or surround suppression and use it for object contour detection, and explain certain visual perception effects.
Select an input image or upload your own input image. Specify the parameter values of the filter and submit the job for execution. After the program completes the input image and the resulting output image will be displayed in the page. You can save the results on your system.

Click here for explanations, references and examples.

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