Automatic segmentation of the optic disk and cup in retinal fundus images for early glaucoma screening

J. Guo, C. Shi, N.M. Jansonius, and N. Petkov, University of Groningen,
Department of Computing Science, Intelligent Systems
Department of Ophthalmology, University Medical Center Groningen(UMCG)

Uploading images to the server

New images can be uploaded to the server by use of ftp (see below for detailed instructions). Please note the following:

Transferring images using Microsoft Internet Explorer or File Explorer

Copy this addres "" to a file explorer to open a window with a list of the available images on the server. New images can be put on the server by 'dragging and dropping' your own imagefiles on this window. If this doesn't work, please try transferring the images by using regular ftp (see below).

Transferring images by using regular ftp

Now the connection is established. Files can be put on the server by using the command put. E.g. if you would like to put the file 'image.png' on the server from your directory 'C:\images\image\' type the following: put C:\images\image\image.png [Enter].

To close the connection, type the following: bye.


If it is still not possible to put the image on the server, please send the image(s) (and a description of the problem) to The image will be added as soon as possible.

Last changed: 2015-06-17